Pray with us for worldwide Bible mission

Here in New Zealand as we pray our morning prayers, those in the United Kingdom will be saying their evening prayers. And in the many countries between, individuals and groups will be offering prayer all day long. What a great privilege we have to be part of ‘the voice of prayer that is never silent.’

Join with us in prayer for the worldwide mission of Bible Society to bring God’s Word to all people in a language they understand, in a format that is appropriate, and at a price they can afford.

These monthly prayer points provide a guide to prayer, giving a brief paragraph about the Bible work each national Bible Society would like us to focus on.

Every Bible Society is grateful for your prayers and we ask God that all who pray for the spread of the Gospel may be blessed by it themselves.

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, requests, and
thanksgivings be offered to God for all people

- 1 Timothy 2: 1 (GNT)

December 1 - 7

Thailand: The number of believers in Thailand has never reached 1% of the population. it is currently 0.8%. The Thai Bible Society has translated the Bible into Thai and other minority languages, such as Shan, Pwo Karen, Mien, Lahu and Ahka. Praise God for this! Please pray more more opportunities to distribute the Bible through secular bookstores in Thailand. 

Taiwan: Give thanks for the high demand for the Bible in Taiwan. Please pray for the development of new publications so that the Scriptures may touch more hearts.

Tanzania: Please pray that the Bible will change the life of everyone who receives it and that biblical values are spread across Tanzania.

December 8 - 14

East Timor: Thank God for the development of projects in partnership with local churches. Please pray for lasting peace and that the Bible will change lives.

Togo: Thank God for the constant support to the new Bible Society of Togo's General Secretary. Praise the Lord for the completion of Bible translations into Bassar, Mina and Ewe. Please pray that ministry work with children, teenagers, the military and women has a positive impact. Pray for the impact of the Faith Comes By Hearing project in French.

Trinidad and Tobago: Give thanks for the distribution of the Bible in 2013. Please also pray for a reduction in crime levels and that the biblical message may reach everyone.

December 15 - 21

Turkmenistan: Please pray for Christians in this country. Ask God to encourage them and keep them safe as they share the Bible.

Turkey: Please pray for unity among Christian churches in Turkey. Ask God to keep Turkish Christians safe and for new opportunities to share the Gospel. Pray also for peace in the Middle East.

Uganda: Please pray that peace and justice may prevail in Uganda. Pray also for Bible Society of Uganda's outreach projects, especially those that assist women and young people.

December 22 - 28

Zambia: Praise God for helping the brothers from Bible Society of Zambia. Please pray for funds to complete projects and share the biblical message.

Uzbekistan: Please pray for new opportunities and partnerships to distribute the Bible across the country.

Venezuela: Please pray that the Bible will have a deeper influence on Venezuelans. Pray also for funds to increase the distribution of the Scriptures.

December 29 - 31

Vietnam: Please pray for more churches and partners to help with the distribution of the Bible. Ask God for protection and wisdom for the staff in Vietnam.

Zimbabwe: Praise the Lord for our new office in Bulawayo. There is still a lot to do, but we should thank God for it. Please pray for the Bible translation projects: Chikunda Old Testament and Shona Study Bible.

Uruguay: Please pray that Bible Society of Uruguay may overcome challenges and use technological advances to reach a new generation with the Bible. Pray also for wisdom to put resources and opportunities to better use in order to share the Bible.

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