Pray with us for worldwide Bible mission

Here in New Zealand as we pray our morning prayers, those in the United Kingdom will be saying their evening prayers. And in the many countries between, individuals and groups will be offering prayer all day long. What a great privilege we have to be part of ‘the voice of prayer that is never silent.’

Join with us in prayer for the worldwide mission of Bible Society to bring God’s Word to all people in a language they understand, in a format that is appropriate, and at a price they can afford.

These monthly prayer points provide a guide to prayer, giving a brief paragraph about the Bible work each national Bible Society would like us to focus on.

Every Bible Society is grateful for your prayers and we ask God that all who pray for the spread of the Gospel may be blessed by it themselves.

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, requests, and thanksgivings be offered to God for all people


- 1 Timothy 2: 1 (GNT)

July 28 - August 3

Liberia: Praise God for the successful completion of the Kisi and Kpelle translation projects and pray for the development of three new translation projects into the Gola, Mano and Dan languages, so that their speakers can have access to the Bible. Pray also for the Bible Society’s new building project and that the Bible cause will have a positive impact on the country.

Libya: After the recent revolution in Libya, the situation there has become much more difficult for Christians. Very few churches have remained open. Please pray for a spiritual breakthrough in this country and that the Bible will bring peace and hope to the population.

August 4 - 10

Lithuania: Please pray that young Lithuanians will get interested in learning and applying the wisdom of the Bible to their lives. Ask God to give them the strength to profess their faith despite all the challenges they face.

Macedonia: Thank God for helping the Bible Society distributing the Bible in Macedonia. Please pray for the outreach projects and for the New Testament translation into contemporary Macedonian. Ask also that people will read the Bible more often.

Madagascar: We thank God for the new CEO of the Malagasy Bible Society. Please pray for Bible work to thrive under his leadership. Praise God for the Mustard Seed event, through which we have reached around 27,000 children with the Bible. Ask for God’s provision and guidance for the Trauma Healing Project and for the future of the Bible House, which is getting old. Pray for a successful partnership for the production the Gospel of Luke in the Antandroy, Bara and Sakalava dialects.

August 11 - 14

Malaysia: Ask God to provide wisdom, guidance and courage so that Bible Society’s team can accomplish the mission of spreading the Bible.

Malawi: Please pray that the Scripture distribution network is expanded in the country so that everyone may have access to the Bible. Ask that the Bible will be available in different formats in order to reach different segments of the population, such as people who cannot read and those with special needs.

Maldives: Please pray that the distribution work will be expanded in order to touch the hearts of the population with the transforming power of the Bible.

August 18 - 24

Malta: Please pray that Malta Bible Society will overcome the difficulties in both human and financial resources. Pray also for the successful distribution of its Bible Reprint Edition, large print Bibles and CDs.

Morocco: Pray for the ongoing translation of the Old Testament into Moroccan Arabic. Pray for the ongoing political and social reforms so that Moroccans will enjoy a better life built on freedom and responsibility.

Mauritius: The MP3 CD in Mauritian Creole–Mauritius’ national language–was warmly welcomed after its launch. Praise God for this! Please pray that everyone who listens to this CD will better understand the Bible and have his/her heart touched by the biblical message.

August 25 - 31

Mauritania: Pray for the staffs who work in this Islamic-majority country. Ask for wisdom and protection so that they can keep spreading the Bible to this population, especially women, children and the sick.

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