Pray with us for worldwide Bible mission

Here in New Zealand as we pray our morning prayers, those in the United Kingdom will be saying their evening prayers. And in the many countries between, individuals and groups will be offering prayer all day long. What a great privilege we have to be part of ‘the voice of prayer that is never silent.’

Join with us in prayer for the worldwide mission of Bible Society to bring God’s Word to all people in a language they understand, in a format that is appropriate, and at a price they can afford.

These monthly prayer points provide a guide to prayer, giving a brief paragraph about the Bible work each national Bible Society would like us to focus on.

Every Bible Society is grateful for your prayers and we ask God that all who pray for the spread of the Gospel may be blessed by it themselves.

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, requests, and thanksgivings be offered to God for all people


- 1 Timothy 2: 1 (GNT)

March 31 - April 6

North Korea: North Korea and South Korea are very close in terms of their geographic locations, but there is an official barrier for the Gospel to enter the northern part of our peninsula. Before the division of the Korean people, Christianity flourished in the North, and it is said that there still remain Christians firmly rooted in faith. Please pray that the doors to spread the Gospel in North Korea will quickly open so that the Bible may be freely shared with our brothers and sisters in the North

South Korea: Thank God for the project New Translation in Korean. Pray also for the translation team and that this important project will be successful in making new generations closer to the Word of God.

Cuba: The supply of Bibles is very limited due to the quick growth of Christian churches in the country. Please pray that the Bible Commission of Cuba will be able to bring the Bible to every Cuban. Ask also that the new generation of Cubans will discover the love of Jesus through the Scriptures in order to have their hearts transformed.

April 7 - April 13

Côte d’Ivoire: Praise God for all those who have been touched by the Bible. Pray also for political stability in the country, so that Bible work can be carried out and yield good fruits.

Costa Rica: Ask that the Bible will reach immigrants who seek better opportunities in Costa Rica. Please pray that God will continue to give strength to the organisation to spread the biblical message to every home in Costa Rica.

Croatia: Please pray for more opportunities to publish and distribute the Bible so that its teachings can reach different age groups within the population.

April 14 - April 20

Denmark: Praise God for 200 years of the Danish Bible Society. Please pray that the celebrations will open even more people’s eyes to the hope and love of the biblical message.

Djibouti: Please pray for Bible work in this country. Ask that our population will open their hearts to the values of the Bible in order to have their lives changed.

Egypt: Please pray that the Bible Society of Egypt will be an effective participant in the country’s reconstruction. Ask God to make it possible to rebuild the two Bible Society bookstores that have been completely torched and destroyed, as well as to produce the right kind of biblical literature to be distributed in this difficult moment for the country.

April 21 - April 27

El Salvador: Please pray for creativity and ways to encourage people to engage with the Bible in this country.

United Arab Emirates: Ask that the Bible may echo in the hearts of the population, and that biblical values will have an impact on their lives.

Ecuador: Praise God for the Bible engagement programmes that reach thousands of children.

Eritrea: Thank God for the Lord’s guiding hands in the work carried out. Please pray for new projects that allow us to spread the biblical message to different segments of population.

April 28- May 4

Slovakia: Please pray for new opportunities to promote the Bible in order to bring hope to the hearts of Slovaks, who, in general, are very busy and individualist. Ask God to guide and empower the Slovak Bible Society to carry out all its projects.

Slovenia: Please pray that the translation of the New Testament into modern Slovene, Life with Jesus, the different events, such as the Bible Marathon and the campaign I Read the Word, generate new needs through the Bible in Slovenia. Pray also for the partnerships with Catholic movements and other ministries.

Spain: Due to the economic crisis in Spain our sales and donations have gone down dramatically. Please pray that the Lord will help us to carry on with our mission. Give thanks to God for our new office that has enabled us to provide a better service to individuals and churches.


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