Pray with us for worldwide Bible mission

Here in New Zealand as we pray our morning prayers, those in the United Kingdom will be saying their evening prayers. And in the many countries between, individuals and groups will be offering prayer all day long. What a great privilege we have to be part of ‘the voice of prayer that is never silent.’

Join with us in prayer for the worldwide mission of Bible Society to bring God’s Word to all people in a language they understand, in a format that is appropriate, and at a price they can afford.

These monthly prayer points provide a guide to prayer, giving a brief paragraph about the Bible work each national Bible Society would like us to focus on.

Every Bible Society is grateful for your prayers and we ask God that all who pray for the spread of the Gospel may be blessed by it themselves.

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, requests, and thanksgivings be offered to God for all people


- 1 Timothy 2: 1 (GNT)

September 1 – 7

Australia: Remote & Indigenous Ministry Support (RIMS) – Please pray for the Bible Story Telling Workshop Bible Society Australia is conducting in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Clovercrest Baptist Church in Adelaide this month. Mark 4:33-34 says, “Jesus used many other stories when he spoke to the people, and he taught them as much as they could under-stand. He did not tell them anything without using stories.” Our prayer is that the participants at this workshop will be able to use the tools they learn to craft and tell the wonderful stories of the Bible in a way that is personal and engaging to people around them.

Philippines: Pray that the Philippines would be spared from more strong typhoons. Pray for resilience and joy amongst Filipinos who have endured bad weather for the past few months. Pray for the Philippines Bible Society Marketing Department to hit their monthly target. Pray also for protection and strength upon the Scripture Marketing Officers as they visit partners and clients.

Myanmar: We give thanks for the successful Bible Day programme held across the country. Please pray that the Judson 200th commemorative Bible distribution project will be used to bring forth a rich harvest in Myanmar. Pray for the rebuilding of Bible House which is more than 100 years old.

China: A delegation of 11 from seven different Bible Societies will be visiting China from 7-15 Sep, at the invitation of State Administration of Religious Affairs (SARA). They will be travelling to Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai. Pray that they will have a safe and meaningful trip. Pray that this visit will lead to greater partnership with the Church in China, with the support of SARA.

South Pacific: The following South Pacific projects are at type-setting stages: Havai NT (Vanuatu), Havekinau NT & Psalms (Vanuatu), Marquesan NT & Psalms (French Polynesia), Ajie NT (New Caledonia), Fijian Reference Bible, Kiribati New Version Bible & Tuvalu Revised Bible. Please pray for the typesetters in the Suva office as they work towards the timely completion of these projects.

Israel: Pray for our ongoing outreach activities, that the Lord will touch the hearts of people as we engage them with the Word of God, and for the resources to carry on this project. Pray that we will be able to complete the audio recording of the whole Scripture by the end of the year. Pray for God's guidance, wisdom and protection as we carry on with our ministry.

September 8 – 14

India: Praise God for our Budget Workshop and other meetings during August 2013. We thank God for the UBS Teams’ visit of various Bible Society projects, and also for the opportunity to conduct the "Trauma Healing Awareness Consultation" with Dr Harriet Hill of the American Bible Society.

Pakistan: The calendars for 2014 are in printing process. We have planned to distribute them in October as we will be busy organising the 150th year celebration programmes in November. Please pray for a fruitful response in our distribution.

Bangladesh: Pray for the Mobile Tour at Barisal, Barguna in the South Bengal area to visit Catholic Churches and promote Bible Society activities. Pray also for our General Secretary who will be attending the 2nd module of the “UBS Academy of Leadership & Management” in Brazil.

Nazareth: As we approach the end of our fifth year we covet your prayers for the challenges that are facing us as a Bible Society that serves Arabs in Israel. We need your prayers as we reach out to youth in our society. Pray also for our programme - The Bible for Better Family under which we have designed one new Bible (for weddings) and launched a premarital preparation manual, as well as running several events, workshops and conferences. Please pray that these publications and events would contribute to establish healthy families among Arabs in Israel.

Cambodia: Grace Smith, Rev Arun Sok Nhep’s PA and International Communications Officer for the Bible Societies in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, will be transferring to British and Foreign Bible Society this month. Pray for a smooth transition for Grace and the teams in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Pray as the three countries reorganise the roles of current staff, who will take on some of Grace’s responsibilities, and pray for discernment as new national staff join to fill a new position.

Singapore: We are in the midst of setting up the online Bible Resource Centre. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance as we work on the content. Pray also for our work with external parties, and for divine protection over this entire project.

September 15 – 21

Philippines: May They Be One (MTBO) Bible Campaign – Pray that the Lord will enable us to reach the one million mark of Bibles distributed under the campaign this year. Pray also that we will reach our fundraising target of P60 million pesos for MTBO in 2013 to enable us to subsidise the production and distribution of Bibles for the poor.

Australia: Children, Youth and Education (CYE) – Please pray for the upcoming ‘Master classes’ being held this month in Brisbane and Adelaide. These seminars feature exciting speakers and topics ready to engage and challenge students in year 10 and 11 from a Biblical framework the meaning of Christian Leadership. Speakers include Dr Justine Toh (CPX); Radio Host Matt Prater; Graham Stanton and Andrew Fisher (Jesus Racing). We pray that these events will be well attended and students will be inspired by what they hear.

India: Pray for early printing of Mariang Naga Bible (first time), Bishnupriya Manipuri Gospels (first time) and Gujarati Bible OV re-edited with Hymnal.

Israel: Our new website for the study of the Scriptures is about to be launched in October. Please pray that it will be a tool that will touch the hearts of many, and deepen their knowledge of God. May the Lord also guide us in the ongoing maintenance and development of this website.

Indonesia: Please pray for journey mercies as we travel to Timor Tengah Selatan and Semau Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur and Southeast Minahasa, and North Sulawesi this week to distribute free Bibles. These Bibles are the yields of the “One in Love” Programme, which has been successful in gathering support from Christian communities in big cities to help their brothers and sisters in remote areas. Please pray that many will respond to the Bible's message.

China: There are an estimated 564 million internet users in China today and the number is growing. Most of the users are young. Pray that more useful and engaging Chinese Christian and Scripture websites will be put up to attract the readers and impact their lives in a positive way.

September 22 – 30

Sri Lanka: Please pray that the 60th Annual Sale & Good News Fair on Saturday 28 September will be a great success. This event is the main fundraising programme of the Ceylon Bible Society. Pray for good weather and for many church members to attend this event. Pray especially for the members of the Women's Committee who are organising this event.

Bangladesh: Thank God for the success of literacy books, published in a new format. We give thanks also for the preparation of audio CDs. Pray that these will be effective in reaching out to the community

Vietnam: Pray for the ongoing printing of Scriptures in Vietnam, as we seek to serve both the Protestant and Catholic Church. Praise God that we have been able to officially open our offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to better serve the church in Vietnam. The majority of Christians among the Protestant Church are from ethnic minority groups. Please remember to pray not only for the ongoing translation work, but also for official permission to make the Bible available to them.

Singapore: Please keep in prayer our Children’s Resource Fair / Thanksgiving Concert, taking place on Saturday 16 November. The Children’s Resource Fair with training workshops is catered to equip parents and children’s ministry leaders with necessary skill sets and resources. The Thanksgiving Concert is specially organised by Bible Society in Singapore to thank our donors and supporters for their faithful contributions to Bible mission work. Pray for smooth preparations and that many will attend and be blessed.

Malaysia: Thank God for the successful completion of the Murut Timugon Bible translation project. This project was done in partnership with Finland Evangelical Free Church and Catholic Archdiocese in Sabah. 2,000 copies were printed and dedicated on 18 August at St Anthony Church Tenom, Sabah. Pray that God will use these new Bibles to bless many people in the Murut Timugon community. Pray also for MT Bible literacy programmes and resources to encourage and engage the people to read their new Bibles.

Laos: Praise God for the newly formed Advisory Committee of the Bible Ministry in Laos. The board includes members from the Laos Evangelical Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Seven Day Adventist Church. Pray with us as they become more involved in the ministry of the Bible Society. As representatives from different confessions, may their role on the Board bring positive input to the Bible work and help the Bible Society to better serve the Church. Praise God that the Laos authorities allow us to import Bibles into the country in small quantities although the Laos Bible Society is not officially recognised yet. We are thankful for this positive step forward, and pray for official recognition soon.

Sri Lanka: Please pray for the arrangements of the Handful of Tranquility Exhibition & Sale to be organised on 25-26 October for the elderly. Pray also for God's guidance on the Handful of Tranquility Exhibition & Sale team. May all the elderly who attend the event return home joyful, praising the Lord!

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