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We’ve got 17 English language versions of the Bible plus Bibles in over 80 other languages – our most popular being Pacific languages, as well as Maori, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

In addition to all the printed items we stock, we also have Bibles and Scripture resources in other formats like audio, video, CD-Rom, DVD, MP3 etc.

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Browse a range of the latest Bibles and products at affordable prices in our latest children's Catalogue

Introducing the newly reformatted edition of Te Paipera Tapu – The Holy Bible in Māori

This reformatted edition reproduces the text of the current edition of Te Paipera Tapu (first published in 1952) in an enhanced format for the modern Māori language reader greatly increasing its readability.

It comes in hard cover or soft cover - Read the brochure for full details and prices.

Order using the order form on the brochure of via any of the order methods below.


2015 Christmas Cards

Every year we produce a range of Christmas cards to share the message of Christmas. Money raised from the sales of these cards help provide Bibles for people all around the world.

Check out the 2015 selection.

Messy Church products

Messy Church is a fun, Christ-centred way of being church for families. It’s for all ages and is based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. Check out the selection of products available.

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